This past week has certainly been one of my busiest in a very long time.  Classes started, I clocked over 50 hours at my two jobs, and I was sick through all of it.

Let’s start with that second job: I recently got a job at Starbucks, which I’m doing on top of TechCalling (rent to pay and all that).  It’s a LOT of fun, surprisingly.  The other baristas and my boss are great, and the whole atmosphere is very inviting.  I’m an opener there, which means I’m getting up at 4 am four or five mornings a week.  Jeez! But while I wouldn’t call myself a “morning person”, I have really enjoyed waking up at that early so far.  I finish a shift at work, and I still have the whole day ahead of me.  That’s a very invigorating feeling.

As for TechCallers, things are hectic, to say the least.  I have a new boss, who only just started 2 weeks ago.  That’s problematic because he hasn’t yet been totally trained up, and we started recruitment and training a week ago.  Which means my co-student-supervisor and I have been very busy.  We’ve been interviewing, revising forms and training materials, copying and stapling en masse, and setting up the call center.  Calling starts Monday night, and we also have several more training sessions to get through.

Just for the record, colds suck.  It started with a sore throat last Sunday evening, which developed into a stuffy nose and worsening sore throat Monday, along with a fever.  While the fever broke during the night, it returned Tuesday afternoon, while I lost my voice.  The next few days were an interminable stuffy nose, mild coughing, and a voice that sounded hoarse and sickly. Today, Saturday, I am finally, finally, feeling somewhat better. I’m not nearly as stuffy, and while my voice still sounds funny, I’ve begun the “cough up gunk” phase of a viral infection, which means the end is near!  All in all, it was pretty much the worst possible week for me to get sick.  C’est la vie, n’est pas?

And another semester has begun! This year I’m taking Biology and 3 French classes:  Writing (Like the) French, Intro to French Culture, and Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Contemporary French Society.  The French classes are all great and I’m looking forward to them immensely. Biology – not so much; but I need to pass it, so here’s hoping.

That’s the update on my life at the moment.  I’ll have more posts soon about cooking a delicious meatloaf and my trip to Nantucket, but I’m tired now and need to rest up.  À bientôt!