Ding dong                                                     

The witch is dead

We all thought she lived

to be a villain

Perhaps, not so

Sometimes these things are not

so easy to understand

Flying like a fury                                          

She would soar through storms                 


Telling her tale

Casting her spells

Felling heroes

Or were they villains

Who was she, this witch


Such a word – implying all

the bad

the brutal

the beastliness

the debauchery

But we forget

Glinda is a witch,



This is a poem I wrote for my Creative Writing class at UMass. Yes, I’m at UMass now, and it’s simply amazing. I love no longer being at MIT; it wasn’t the right fit for me.  I’ll be revising this poem, adding some more details, hopefully. It was influenced by Stephen Schwartz’ Wicked, one of my favorite musicals.